Gemini February Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope

Health: This month will be full of ups-and-downs in relation to your health. The lord of your zodiac will be present in the eighth house with the Sun and the lord of the sixth house will stay in the seventh house with the lords of the fifth house and twelfth house and will aspect on your zodiac sign. This can lead to a deterioration in your health and you may have to face health problems. Mars will enter in the eighth house of your birth chart on 5th February 2024 and Venus will enter in the eighth house of your birth chart on 12th February that may increase your physical health problems. However, the Sun will move to the ninth house on 13th February 2024 but Saturn is already present there and Mercury will also enter the ninth house of your birth chart on 20th February 2024. This way, your eighth and ninth house will be more active and due to this you may have to face some problems and you may have to face problems in some of the inner parts of your body. Due to this, your stomach may get upset so you have to be extra careful.

Career: This month will be excellent in terms of career for the Gemini natives. The lord of the tenth house Jupiter will stay in the eleventh house helping you in receiving the grace of your senior officials. They will help you in the best possible way and will provide you with the right chances so that you can excel in your career. You will receive the fruit of your work and conditions will be created for your promotion. Your salary may also increase. Rahu is present in your tenth house and will stay there for the whole month. Through this you will be able to solve the biggest problems. Your performance will keep you ahead of other people and will gain you appreciation. There are chances that you will gain a big position in your job due to the effect of Mars and Venus. Gemini Monthly Horoscope 2024 predicts that the beginning of the month will be very good for natives who run a business. Venus and Mars will grant growth and development as per expectations while sitting in the seventh house. However, on the 5th, Mars will go into your 5th house and your business may witness weakness but you will make new efforts in your business which will create chances of profit and benefits in the coming future. The journey made related to business will benefit you. The foreign connections in Business will benefit you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: If you are involved in any love relationship, then the beginning of the month will be favorable for you. Love will develop between you and your beloved. You will understand the true definition of love. Both of you will give time to each other, both of you will value each other, both of you will give importance to each other’s emotions, and both of you will mature in your relationship. Jupiter will be aspecting on the fifth house and seventh house as well and the lord of the fifth house Venus Will stay in the seventh house. This month will be excellent for Love Marriage. If you wish your love marriage can happen during this time because on 12th february Venus will change its zodiac sign and will enter your eighth house. This time will be good for those natives who want to keep their love affair a secret. The presence of Venus and Mars in the seventh house will increase love between both of you and you will attain chances of romance. In the second half of the month there are chances of extra marital affairs and you must try to stay away from such affairs as it may have a negative impact on your married life.

Advice: You have to offer water to Lord Sun on every Sunday. Recite ‘ Shree Shani Chalisa’ every Saturday. Offer four Bananas to Lord Hanuman on every Tuesday. Chant the Beej Mantra of Planet Mercury specially on every Wednesday.

General: According to Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month is expected to be better than average. Jupiter will fulfill your desires while residing in the eleventh house of your birth chart. He will make sure that no hindrances are coming in your work and will help you in increasing your earnings. The Lord of fortune Saturn will stay in the house of luck enabling you to travel for long distances, help you to gain profits, help you to gain spirituality and will bring a change into your job. Your business may attain good profits. Mars and Venus will be present in your seventh house making Love Yoga in your married life. Hence, the loving couples may commit love marriages.

Finance: This month your financial situation may seem to be hanging between ups-and-downs. On the one side, Planet Jupiter will help you in strengthening your financial situation by staying in the eleventh house and saturn will also be present in the ninth house aspecting fully on the eleventh house is signaling a decent increase in your earnings, on the other hand the movement of Sun in the eighth house in the beginning of the month may give rise to some problems. In the latter part of the month, the planets like Mars and Venus will come into the eighth house due to which any new investment will not favor you and may result in the loss of money. So, this month you have to focus on the right use of your money. Gemini Monthly Horoscope 2024 is indicating that any investment made without thinking may harm you and may result in decrease in your earnings. The transit of the lord of the third house Sun in the ninth house on 13th February will slightly benefit you but you have to take control of your expenses.due to which your financial situation will be good. Your business will have benefits from foreign connections.

Family & Friends: This month will be full of ups and downs in the family matters because Ketu will be present in the fourth house and Rahu will be present in the tenth house. Your mind will stay less in your home. A situation of estrangement can arise from the family members. Health problems may also annoy your parents. Sun, who is the lord of the third house will stay in the eighth house due to which there are chances of a quarrel with your sisters and they might also suffer from physical ailments and you have to take care of them. But, on the 13th of February, Sun will enter the ninth house where Saturn is already present due to which the situations with your siblings will improve. Your relationship with them will improve and your father may experience a dip in his health. You should take care of his health and you should try to maintain peace in the home.