Weekly Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

7/8/2024 - 7/14/2024

Due to Saturn being placed in the second house with respect to the moon sign, this week you will experience a lack of mental peace, which will cause some distraction in life. In this case, instead of making yourself more distraught, participate in religious and charitable activities as much as possible. Because this will not only increase your status in the society, but you will also be able to keep yourself away from mental stress to a great extent. Due to Jupiter being placed in the fifth house with respect to the moon sign, this week can bring an increase in your comforts. However, during this time you will have to spend more than your accumulated money, due to which there may be some financial risk in between everything . Your family can get upset with your over changes in your dressing sense or appearance. Regardless of this, you will appear following your heart, the side effects of which can spoil your image.This time will bring you advancement in your career, but you are advised not to lose your patience or make any decision in haste. Do not let success get on top of your head. This week, you will have to maintain good relations with your teachers as there is a possibility that they might be happy and this will have a positive impact on your studies. During this period, there are possibilities that many students will be able to get scholarships from their school or college. Remedy: Chant “Om Shanaishwaraya Namaha” daily 21 times.