India General Elections 2019 Predictions: The Game Begins

General elections are estimated to be held in India in April or May 2019 to comprise the seventeenth Lok Sabha. Five years ago, general elections 2014 were held between 4 April - 12 May. Lok Sabha elections for 2019 will be held on around April or May. Modi’s tenure will finally end on 26 May, 2019. As per the figures regarding previous Lok Sabha elections, BJP crossed the mark with 282 seats whereas NDA impressed the nation with 336 seats.

With 6 months still to go for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, political intellectuals have officially announced it as a challenge between Prime Minister Narendra Modi versus the whole Opposition. While recent overviews have demonstrated that Modi remains very well known following four years in office, BJP has figured out how to control their power in 21 states while growing its impression in the North East. When it got the definitive command in 2014, the saffron party had only eight states in its kitty.

Indeed, even in its defeat in the Karnataka assembly elections, where it lost seats in order to make its own government, notwithstanding being the single biggest party, BJP has 'found the positives' — they have contended that it was Modi's "undiminished fame" that had shaken even the "foes" to meet up. Be that as it may, meet-up of all the local (Regional) satraps and a resurgent Rahul Gandhi will no doubt mount an impressive challenge to the BJP in the 2019 elections.

December 11th is the first beginning point for Congress to launch a successful campaign in the year 2019 with all liked-minded parties for “mahagathbandhan” to succeed. It may be another assuring term for success of ruling party BJP. Five major states assembly elections are to be announced on the same date. It is more or less considered as semi-final before the final held in April or May 2019. It is gonna be a crucial time period for India as well as its politicians.

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General Prediction for Election 2019

The four states that are in the assembly in November with results on 11 December are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Telangana, and Chhattisgarh. Out of these 5 states, 4 are controlled by BJP, who is looking for another term in these 4 states. BJP's win in these seats will probably affirm their recurrent win in 2019. Despite what might be expected, if Congress can grasp somewhere around 3 to 4 seats, it will be a resolve promoter for it to be in the driver seat of the mahagathbandhan in 2019 polls.

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Since the aftereffects of elections in these states will tilt the support of who will administer India till 2024, it happens to be of vital significance. Each and every Indian and political specialist and major political parties are sitting tight for the outcomes to be declared. Since eleventh December is a Tuesday, the parties and their state chief’s horoscope forecasts on Tuesday will help in getting the great outcomes.

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Predictions for Final Elections based on Astrology

Horoscope of the Nehru family predictions 2019 to be a good year, hereby resulting in a favorable elections’ time period for Rahul Gandhi. All stars and signs show a positive political enhancement as well as improvement. Due to several failures and downfalls in his career, there are chances of Congress finally rising up to the expectations. Hereby, it expects to create a strong power in PM’s homefield Gujarat and furthermore is aiming to stop BJP to come in power in recently held Karnataka elections.

BJP aims to stick to their root topic regarding Ram Mandir and try to create a wave of change. This will again try to influence the party to hold the standard as it is one of the touchy issues for Hindus.

Final Words

The general population just need employments and a tranquil life. Hoping the best would come out from these general elections 2019 and allow the country to frame the best government. Let’s see who will conquer these elections and come out as a winner.