Aquarius May Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

Health: For your health, there is a probability of you suffering from infections, ulcers, pocks, and injuries this month. You are advised to stay away from bad company. Ask someone to accompany you while going out, as otherwise, you may be prone to accidents and injuries. You may need to be very careful at the time of driving. You may suffer from arthritis at this time. Stay vigilant for your health in the month of May.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Your love life may remain stressful this month. Your compatibility with your lover may decline and get affected. It may, therefore, be better for you to try and improve your bond. If you are planning a date with your lover, you may succeed in it. You may feel more in love with your girlfriend or boyfriend at this time and be able to spend quality time with him or her. You might even propose them during this time. Time is favourable; hence you may not currently face any significant problem. You should, however, act with smartness. Wisdom is the key here. Since Dragon’s Head is transiting in Gemini along with Mars, your love life may remain disturbed. You may need to stay careful in the matters related to love. Do not persuade deeper and try and maintain a distance to avoid making situations worse. Your marital life may remain favourable this month, and as a result, your relations with your spouse might improve for the best. Your spouse may support you in all phases of life and work. You may earn his or her support in foreign trips, and business settled abroad.

Advice: Immerse coconut and coal in the flowing water every Saturday. Donate black urad daal and iron wrapped in a black cloth. Lit mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree or in Shani’s temple on Saturdays. Chant Shani Chalisa every day with devotion.

General: You are a serious person in life and believe in doing things with stability and seriousness. Hence, there is a probability of you gaining better success in whatever you do. You have fair chances of earning respect and reputation in society. You are a person who undertakes tasks with enthusiasm and courage. You act only after proper contemplation and consideration and give the right direction to your work. There is a probability of you acquiring wealth and moveable property this month. You may be able to gain substantial wealth from the field of your work. You may develop better relations with your near and dear ones. If you are working, you may earn a rank or designation in your company according to the time and situation. Your besties may even help you more at this time. You may enjoy the luxuries of house and vehicle. You may not only gain wealth but also improve relations through a stronghold in politics. Your relationship with your parents may grow. There may also be an increase in your responsibilities. Circumstances related to your love life and children may remain stressful during this time. If you are a student and prepping up for competition, you may face highs and lows in career. During this time, you may come across difficulties and panic a lot. You may, however, succeed if you concentrate well in your studies and think before you act. Your enemies may not prove to be harmful to you at this time. During the first half of May 2019, your aim of going abroad may get fulfilled. If you are planning to go abroad or have applied for an international university for academic purposes, you may have a better chance during this time. You may be able to travel overseas and fulfil your wish. Circumstances related to your marital life may remain favourable this month. You may develop lovelier relations with your life-partner. On the other hand, your health can remain worrisome. Conditions may, however, become favourable in the latter half of this month. Your luck may favour you this month. You may achieve better success in what you undertake. Although you may remain under stress during this time as well and face troubles this month, there are fair chances of success. Conditions may be favourable from a career point of view. Since Mars is transiting in Gemini, you may attain desired success in your profession, whether you work or run a business. Your financial condition may also be favourable at this time. Since Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, there can be monetary gains and wealth accumulation. Travelling abroad regarding business aspects may benefit you. 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, and 25 dates of May 2019 may not be lucky for you. It may, therefore, be not appropriate to do or schedule any important work, take a significant decision or attend an urgent meeting on these dates.

Finance: Your financial condition may improve this month. This is the time when you may grow financially stronger and become more stable. Since Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, your financial situation may be beneficial. Your efforts to gain wealth may succeed. You may, however, face difficulties in dealing with monetary transactions. Be very careful during this time, as it is crucial for you to be cautious when it comes to money matters. There is a probability of you attaining sudden wealth in the latter half of this month. Conditions may be favourable from a business point of view. As a result, in case you plan to venture into a business, you can go ahead. If you are running a business and planning to expand it or invest in it, you may succeed in doing so. Your efforts to become financially stronger may succeed. Your success rate in various areas of work may increase due to a new person joining your business.

Family & Friends: Your family condition may remain favourable this month. You may develop lovelier relations with your parents. They may even support you when you need it. There is a probability of you developing loving ties with siblings and other members of your family. You may acquire immovable property with the support of your family and relatives. During this time, you may be able to accumulate wealth quickly. There may be happiness at home due to new connections. Your closed ones may also support your business. It may, therefore, prove to be suitable for you to maintain better compatibility among family members to strike the perfect balance at home. You may have to shoulder your responsibilities regarding family growth to earn more respect at home. You may get every kind of support from your near and dear ones. You may remain stressed due to your children. You may have to face worries related to childbearing, happiness, and support from your child. Your child’s activities may leave you dissatisfied. In addition to your family, try to remain aware of your child’s whereabouts, as he or she may need your attention at this time.