Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

6/1/2020 - 6/7/2020

The Moon will be moving through the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth houses of Aquarius natives this week. The beginning is not likely to be favourable for the natives, as the luminary planet will be posited in your fifth house. Student natives will face many challenges in their life now. You will need to take the help of yoga and meditation to improve your concentration, so that you can once again focus on your studies. Married natives can also expect some problems from their children at this time. Your kids can demand something from you at this time, which will trouble you. Caution is also advised in love affairs for the natives. The Moon transit will take place through the sixth house of enemies for Aquarius natives, in the next phase of the week. Working professionals and business personnel alike will need to remain very cautious in all their tasks at this time. This is because your professional opponents will remain active and will continuously scheme and plot against you. Simultaneously, you also need to ensure that you do not remain careless concerning your health now. Maintain a balanced diet and a healthy daily routine. Things will improve slightly in the middle of the week. Your partner will stand by your side in your support, as the Moon gets posited in your seventh house of marriage. On the other hand, the weekend will bring some challenges for Aquarians. Your financial front is likely to concern you. However, you need to quit your worrying and instead focus entirely on your deeds. Keeping good company and reading intellectual books will be beneficial for you. The transit of the Mercury through the fifth house of the aquarians at the start of the week will lead to an increased spontaneity and creativity within you. This will help you proficiently express your ideas to others and make bold decisions regarding your profession, thus creating opportunities for growth and advancement in your career. Remedy: Worshipping Lord Shiva will be auspicious for you.