Virgo May Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Health: This month doesn’t seem to be favorable for you in terms of health. Mercury is present in its debilitated sign Pisces, with Rahu and Mars, which might deteriorate your health. So, you are advised to take extra care of your health this month. For this, you can include morning walks in your daily routine. Diseases related to skin and blood can cause you botheration. Try to remain as active as possible as lethargy will only worsen the situation. However, the latter half of the month will bring good news related to your health.

Career: In terms of career, this month will be average. The lord of the tenth house, Mercury, is present in its debilitated sign in the seventh house with Rahu and Mars. This placement will make you work hard at your job. You will have to put in extra effort to get success. Your opposition will try to harm you so you need to use your wits. On 10 May, Mercury will enter Aries in the eighth house and this period will bring ups and downs in career. You must beware at this time or else you could even lose your job. Mercury will enter the ninth house on the last day of the month, i.e. on 31 May. This duration will bring favorable outcomes for you and you might even get transferred to a good place. The lord of the sixth house, Saturn, will remain in the sixth house throughout this period. Due to this, you will work hard at your workplace and also reap the rewards. On the other hand, the business people must work carefully as Rahu, Mars, and Mercury are present together in the seventh house, and Ketu is also present in your zodiac the entire month. This could bring turbulence in the business. Your relationship with your business partners may go through some problems. You must behave properly with them to avoid any further troubles. The lord of the seventh house, Jupiter, is present in the ninth house. This will make your long journey related to business successful, and your business will also expand to various places.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: If you are in a love relationship, this month will be average for you. Jupiter’s aspect on your fifth house will enhance your love. your trust will gradually grow on your partner this month. This will bring you closer to your beloved and enhance your bond. The lord of the fifth house, Saturn, is present in the sixth house and is aspecting the twelfth house. Due to this, your beloved can go somewhere because of work and you will miss them deeply. On the contrary, this month comes with challenges for the married Virgo natives. The presence of Ketu, and other planets like Rahu, Mars, and Mercury in the seventh house will lead to ego clashes between the spouses. This can lead to a stressful marital life for these natives. You must handle the difficult situations with patience, or else, it could become a big issue. However, with Jupiter’s aspect on the first house, you will manage to come out of the challenging times successfully. When Mercury moves out of Aries on 10 May, the situation will improve significantly.

Advice: You must worship Lord Vishnu everyday. You must feed wheat flour (dry) to cows on Friday. You must chant the Mercury Beej Mantra regularly. Recite Shree Bajranban for positive results.

General: For the Virgo natives, this month will prove to be moderate. You will have to pay attention to your health as planetary position is indicating some health issues. The natives in love will enjoy a favorable period. However, the married individuals might find this period to be challenging. They will have to take care of their marital life or it could negatively affect their bond with their spouse. Also, their life partner will need attention as their health may deteriorate this month. You might incur financial troubles. But if you stick to a budget, you could dodge the difficulties. In terms of career, the situation seems to be in control. The natives involved in business related to electricity will have to be patient and maintain good behavior to attain success. The students will reap the rewards of their hard work and could even get chances to go abroad.

Finance: Financial life seems to be less favorable for the Virgo natives this month. Saturn in the sixth house, Rahu, Mars, and Mercury in the seventh house, and Venus and Jupiter in the eighth house will bring you financial troubles. Your expenses will rapidly increase and you will try everything in your power to stick to your budget. You will notice that your expenses are more than your income. However, if you manage to keep your expenses in check, you will not face major issues. Venus, the lord of the second house will be present in the eighth house at the beginning of this month. Due to this, you will spend money on secret activities and try to find happiness in it. Venus will enter your ninth house on 19 May and conjoin with Jupiter present there. This will bring monetary gains for you. During this time, you can invest your money, but only after thoroughly studying the share market, or else, you might incur losses.

Family & Friends: Family life will be moderate this month but you need to keep your behavior in check. You could lose your temper easily and this will trouble your family members and ruin the family environment. The lord of the fourth house, Jupiter, is present in the ninth house. Due to this, you could plan to take a family trip to some pilgrimage. With Jupiter’s impact on you, you will make good family decisions. Venus and Sun are present in the eighth house and aspect your second house. This will enable the family members to respect each other. There could be conflicts of ego, but overall the situation will be under control. However, the behavior of siblings might bother you and you could be troubled with their ill health. So you must take good care of them at this time.