Pisces November Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Health: The beginning of the month will be weak for the Pisces natives in terms of health as there will be an influence of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu in the eighth house, and Mars will aspect the seventh house from the fourth house. All these planetary positions will affect your health, and problems like stomach ache, gas in the stomach, indigestion, and acidity can bother you. But after the departure of Sun, Mercury, and Venus from the eighth house, the situation will improve, and you will experience betterment in your health. However, Ketu present in the eighth house can lead to any type of blood-borne or anal problem, so you have to be careful and take treatment on time. You must go on a morning walk every day and if jogging is not possible, travel a few kilometres at a brisk pace so that you can stay healthy and your cholesterol does not increase.

Career: The lord of the tenth house, Jupiter, is present in the first house in a retrograde state. This situation will make you hard working. You will be aware of your work and responsibilities and will not be careless during this time which will make your performance remarkable. Saturn will be present in your eleventh house, which will make your relationship with the seniors favourable, and you will be able to work better at the workplace. Retrograde Mars will be present in your fourth house and aspect the tenth house, due to which there will be challenges and inconvenience at work, but after the transit of Mars in the third house in the latter half of the month, your confidence and courage will grow and will prepare you to overcome these challenges. However, try to maintain good relations with your colleagues in the workplace. This month will prove to be very fruitful for the Pisces businessmen, and you will get good results from your hard work. Due to the full aspect of Jupiter on the seventh house from the first house and the influence of Saturn on the eleventh house, you will bear good results in business. But due to the presence of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in the eighth house in the first half of the month and the aspect of Mars on the seventh house, your relationships may ruin your business. Don’t argue with them and spend this time patiently. The latter half of the month will be better as Mars will also enter the third house, and Sun, Mercury, and Venus will enter the ninth house. You might go on business trips and make new contacts which will benefit your business.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: The month will be average for the Pisces natives in love-related matters. Saturn will have a full aspect on the fifth house which will make you disciplined in your love life. You will care for one another, reach on time to see each other, and plan to run your love life smoothly. If you carry on with this situation then your love life will go very well. After the entry of Mercury and Venus in your ninth house, your love life will become blissful. You might go on a trip, outing, or a party with your beloved. You will get to spend time with each other, which will strengthen your bond. You will plan your future together. Jupiter will have a full aspect on the seventh house of the married natives, which will be favourable. Due to this, despite any disagreement or differences in your relationship, all your problems will be resolved. You will have a sense of dedication and a feeling of love, and you will understand your responsibilities towards each other. You will try to become a better person for your life partner. You both will support and motivate each other. This is the hallmark of a true relationship, and this is what you will get to see this month. It will be a favourable month for your children, as well, and they will succeed in their field of work.

Advice: Apply turmeric and Kesar tilak on Thursdays. Worship Lord Vishnu every day and offer him yellow sandalwood. Apply the same tilak on your forehead as well. Greet and serve brahmins, scholars, and students, or offer them food or reading materials. For happiness, peace, and prosperity in your house, arrange a Havan in the house or read the legend of Lord Satyanarayan.

General: November will be full of ups and downs for the Pisces natives. Your health will deteriorate at the beginning but will improve later. You will benefit if you pay more attention to your income than your expenses. You should actively participate in family and religious activities. This will help you feel good, and you will enjoy the month wholeheartedly. Read the horoscope in detail to know what the month of November has in store for you in terms of family life, career, health, love and married life, etc.

Finance: Saturn will be present in its own sign, Capricorn, in the eleventh house the entire month and give the Pisces natives a regular flow of income. Therefore you will face no problem on the financial front, and all your work will be done smoothly. Due to the presence of the Sun in your eighth house in the first half of the month, you will be successful in paying your debts. You will try to repay any existing bank loan. The presence of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in the ninth house in the latter half of the month and the transit of retrograde Mars in your third house will provide you with the strength to fight and overcome all your financial problems. This will save you from financial challenges. Due to the presence of four planets in the eight houses in the first half of the month, there will be chances of expenses and money loss but the latter half of the month will help you deal with it and you will suddenly acquire money or ancestral property, as a result of which your financial position will become strong.

Family & Friends: The presence of Rahu in the second house will make you distant from your family life. Due to the influence of Mercury, Venus, and Sun present in the eighth house, your bond with your family could be bitter, and there may be arguments among family members regarding some matters. This may ruin the family environment. But if you stay calm and try to find a way to get through the conflicts, the situation will get better. Due to the transit of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in your ninth house in the latter half of the month, the situation will improve further. Due to the transit of Mars in the third house, this period will be challenging for your siblings. However, they will help you succeed during this time. You will attain success with your brothers’ support. The presence of Mars in the fourth house in the first half of the month can be troublesome, but the condition will improve in the latter half, and the family environment will become peaceful.