Weekly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

11/29/2021 - 12/5/2021

Due to stress regarding career this week, you may have to suffer from some minor illness. So to chill and relax your mind. During the beginning of the week, the Moon is transiting over your third house of short distance travel and then in the fourth house of domestic happiness. So spend some time with friends and family and if possible, you can also plan to go on a short trip with them. To expand your business, you can plan to take any type of loan this week because Venus is transiting in your sixth house of loan, it will bring the funds to you, as a result of which you will also be able to get a loan from the bank or any other institution at this time, you must remain highly attentive right from the beginning when making money-related transactions. This week, making available to your children an excessive discount can create problems for you in the future. So keep an eye on them and their association from the very beginning. This week, you will come across several opportunities in terms of your promotion. However, try to take advantage of every opportunity by thinking carefully about it. Because it is possible for you not to earn as much profit as you are entitled to due to your emotional outbursts. With the arrival of an unwanted guest at home, the students are expected to spend the entire week in vain. In such a situation, if possible, study at a friend's house, otherwise you will have to bear the brunt of this in the coming examination. Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer red colour flowers.